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  • Writer's pictureFranky Stylez Reaches 1 Billion in Revenue since the Pandemic began.

Wix Design Playground in New York City
Wix Design Playground in New York City

There are obvious winners and losers in a global pandemic. The biggest loser was the restaurant industry and entertainment venues such as concerts, movies, plays and other shows. When thinking of the biggest winners the most logical choice are companies like Purell, and Lysol for sanitizing purposes. Last year you couldn't find an ounce of hand sanitizer anywhere without paying top dollar! Lets not forget all the toilet paper, that craze lasted months and months as TP flew off the shelves and I felt like we all lost our sanity for bit and found comfort with the soft two ply tissues.

Another one of the winners was the website design industry and with Wix projects 29-30% revenue growth in 2021 to $1.272-$1.286 million, after a 30% rise to $988.8 million in 2020. ... Wix has 196.7 million subscribers after 7.4 million joined in the fourth quarter for a 27% year over year rise. It added 185,000 premium subscriptions, up 107%, to 5.5 million.

Even as economies emerge from lockdowns, companies remain committed to creating and bolstering their websites, said Nir Zohar, Wix’s president.

“We have had a five year acceleration within a few months,” Zohar told Reuters on Wednesday after Wix posted fourth-quarter results. “There is a real shift in how people are thinking about themselves and ... how to become more effective as a business.”

“It is clear that we can now become a dominant player on the internet, and I expect us to strengthen this position significantly over the coming decade,” said CEO Avishai Abrahami. “My goal and belief is that at this rate of growth, in the next 5-7 years, 50% of anything new built on the internet will be done on Wix.”

Seemingly it makes sense that a company that is internet based would boom during a pandemic, which allows small business to take their presence online. Design it up has built 100's of Wix websites and during times like these we have helped many small business adapt to shut downs or limited indoor capacity. One of our clients was a small Cigar bar in Texas and they reached out to us to facilitate online ordering of food items that can be ordered through their website for pick up or delivery through grub hub, door dash and Uber eats. This provided the owner with another source of revenue stream due to restrictions of allowing customers in his establishment.

At Design it Up it is our specialty to help small business thrive by creating them a unique and custom website that is not only visually stunning but fully functional as well. Our SEO team uses tools like SEMRush and MOZSEO to insure your websites success in ranking above 92% which is what the top 10% of companies that have success showing up on Google. Contact us today to get a free quote if you are interested in website design.




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