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What is a Google Business Listing and Why is it Important to Your Business?

What is a Google Business Listing?

When you look up a restaurant or a store or a haircut salon or a small business near you, that rectangle box that pops up on the right side of the screen is the Google Business Listing of that business. Which rectangle box? The one with pictures, a Google Maps location, a rating out of 5 stars, an address, and all that other vital information, that rectangle box.

Why is it Important to Your Business?

The Google Business Listing is the first impression snapshot of your business. Let’s say you are a restaurant owner: when someone looks up “delicious food near me,” you want your profile to stand out and be easily accessible and clear. The essential info about your business helps potential customers get a quick overview of your business and the simple presence of a Google Business Listing is a massive credibility boost to your business.

What Should I put on the Google Business Listing?

Here are the Top 10 Things we recommend you put on your Google Business Listing:

  1. Name: Let’s start out simple. Tell the Internet who you are.

  2. Location: Adding your location enables customers to quickly navigate to your business using Google Maps.

  3. Phone Number: A quick and easy way for customers to contact you.

  4. Hours: When are you open? Let the world know.

  5. Website: If you have a corresponding website for your business, display it proudly on your Google Business Listing so viewers know exactly where to go for more.

  6. Photos: Credibility boost that can also help market the persona and environment of your business.

  7. Convenience Features: Offer in-store pickup? Free delivery? Tell the world what makes you the simplest and most reasonable choice.

  8. Differentiating Features: Show who you are by listing attributes like veteran-owned, women-owned, and LGBTQ+ friendly.

  9. Posts, Offers, and Events: Keep engaged with the online community by posting sales or special discounts.

  10. Questions & Answers: Post answers to frequently asked questions to help potential customers better understand what they want to know about your business.

There is plenty more to explore once you get started with making your Google Business Listing. Think of it as an online elevator pitch of your business. We know you will take it to the top with a clear and impactful Google Business Listing. With every website package from designitup we will create a your free Google Business Listing with our expert tips to help you succeed. Contact a representative today for a free consultation about your website and Google Business Listing.



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