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The Importance of Google Reviews

What's the Importance of Google reviews?

Google reviews can give businesses instant credibility without having to spend a dollar. There are many benefits of getting Google reviews including: Google ranking for local SEO, leveling the playing field, increasing your online reputation, and helping small businesses operate.

Google Reviews 5 Star Reviews

If you're running a business, you understand how important it is to keep your customers happy. if you receive compliments for your work, simply ask the customer if he or she can write you a Google review for your company. Ask them to be specific in their review on what they liked best about the service or goods you provided. Create a comment box on your site asking customers for feedback if they had a negative experience with your company so you can rectify the matter rather than have them write you a bad review. Offer them a coupon code that provides them with a discount the next time they buy from your business as an enticement to get their feed back via a survey or comment box. But never offer a reward for a positive review as that posses a business ethics risk.

f your brand has a presence on social media sites, you need to stay active and track the comments. Are you reading your direct messages and comments? It’s essential that you do this on every platform your business is on.

Treat both negative and positive feedback with a positive response. Your goal is to have both types of customers know that you value their opinions. Over 50 percent of consumers who leave feedback expect the business to leave a response. If a negative comment is left, that number rises to over 70 percent.

It’s a fact. If you’re unable to keep your current customers happy, it has a negative impact on your business. In many cases, it’s more important than the price and quality of your product or service. By incorporating these tactics into your marketing strategy, it can help you provide a higher quality of customer service.

Reviews are a huge part of local search

There are dozens of review sites out there per industry, but Google reviews are probably the most important of all. Think about it: if a business shows up in search but only has 2.5 stars, would you click on the link? Or would you click on the one that has 4.5 stars?

On top of that, Google has recently confirmed that high-quality, positive reviews will improve your visibility online and increase the likelihood they will visit your location. But you have to make it easy for your customers to give you positive reviews.

How do you get good reviews?

First, you need to provide great customer service to those who are buying your products or services. We assume you’re already doing that, so let’s move on:

Second, you need to ask for reviews. Below is a way for your company to create a link for customers to write reviews.

You can share your short URL with customers from your Google My Business dashboard on your computer or the mobile app. Customers can leave reviews and view your Business Profile through your short URL.

Note: URLs previously created through the PlaceID Lookup Tool or from Google Search will continue to work, but we recommend that every business create a short name and use a short URL for customers.

All businesses who have claimed their short name in Google My Business can have a shareable short URL directing customers to leave reviews. Learn more about how to create a short name.

Share your short URL with customers for reviews


  1. Sign in to Google My Business.

  2. If you have multiple locations, open the location you’d like to manage.

  3. In the menu on the left, click Home.

  4. In the “Get more reviews” card, you can copy your short URL to share with customers.


  1. On your mobile device, open the Google My Business app .

  2. Tap Customers Reviews.

  3. In the top right, tap Share .

  4. If your short name is not created, you will be prompted to create one.

  5. Copy your short URL to share with customers.

When customers click your link, they'll be able to rate your business and leave a review. Learn how to read and reply to customer reviews.

Keep in mind that it’s against Google review policies to solicit reviews from customers by offering incentives or setting up review stations at your place of business. Reviews that violate the policy may be removed.


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