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SEO for 2022

What Has Changed in SEO?

Technology, algorithms, search trends—you name it.

There’s no keyword stuffing, no black hat SEO, no websites pulling in customers through gaming search engines to get ranked. Quite contrary to the belief that basic SEO advice from the 90s holds true today, the fact is that it may even get you penalized by Google.

Here at Design It Up Studios we focus on New SEO not the old school SEO From the start of the millennia, instead of focusing on singular key words, we focus on user intent and engagement with your website. ROI (return on investment) & Conversions is what you are most interested in, not just to rank higher right? Content that is created for search engines only, was a thing of the past and todays optimized content is created for humans to read, not bots. We focus on tasteful optimization of a website rather than Keyword Stuffing. Repeating Joe is a plumber 30 times in a paragraph is no longer ranking your site higher, its hurting it. Old school thinking was that website design is not important, yet we feel its crucial. Engaging your audience with a website that is a work of Art ad mobile - friendly, fast responsive design with high quality content is essential part of the web design process.

Does SEO in 2022 Really Work?

It sure does. And you’d know if you’ve done your SEO recently. The reason is simple. SEO has moved from being myopic to being farsighted. The focus has moved from rankings on the SERP to catering value for the user. This is what makes search user-friendly today. And this is what makes those businesses which care to offer value, sell well on Google.

By implication, if you are still focusing on creating mounds of backlinks and low-quality content with stuffed keywords, you are stuck in the black hat SEO phase. And that is probably the reason why SERP #1 still seems like a distant dream. It’s time to know better; it’s time for SEO in 2022.


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