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Raised Foil PrintsA specialty finish that’ll add a touch ofelegance to your designs.

Next Level Sophistication

Accent your prints with the Raised Foil option for a quality, high-class look and feel. Adding Raised Foil to specific parts of your prints will make them exude with shine and class. Choose any of our classic foil colors to refine the look of your cards. Whichever option you pick will undoubtedly add a luxurious touch to make a true, lasting impression.

What is Raised Foil?

A Raised Foil Print is when partial high raised foil is applied over specific graphic elements on a design. The result strikes a significant contrast, shine, and thickness between the elements that have the Raised Foil and the rest of the design. The raised foil print color options are gold, silver, or rose gold.

Elevate Your Prints with Raised Foil

Have you ever wondered how to make lasting impression with a printed product? Turn any old print into an unforgettable marketing piece with a specialty finish like Raised Foil. The lifted foil finish looks and feels luxurious to the touch. Choose from 3 popular colors: gold, silver, or rose gold (whichever color matches your design best) and apply to elements of your design for unmissable distinction. Applying a Raised Foil specialty paper finish on your marketing materials conveys a sense of professionalism and implies you’ve taken the time to carefully craft your brand or image. Your prints will be admired by all potential clients, customers, and anyone who gets their hands on one! This specialty finish also pairs well for special occasions. Postcards with Raised Foil are the perfect combination for event invitations. Whether for a wedding, gala, or any formal event, Raised Foil will give the touch of elegance needed to make your invitations a hit. With the capability to control the opacity and thickness of the foil, you can bring one-of-a-kind designs to life with this high-end paper finish from Design It Up.


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