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Inflation Situation and Why the Fed is Raising Interest Rates?

The current situation of the financial markets is truly worrisome. Inflation is high, interest rates are rising, and bond and stock prices are dropping. Because of the inflation situation, the purchasing power of the dollar is just not the same as what it used to be. As a result, the cost of living is increasing for the common person. The Consumer Price Index, used to measure the value of a set basket of market goods, is a reasonable indicator of the cost of living, and it has been steadily increasing at an unprecedented pace.

The inflation rate has also increased over the past couple of months. The Federal Reserve is trying to combat the increasing inflation rate by tightening the money supply. The trade-off with this is that a more restricted money supply will result in an increase in the interest rates. These higher interest rates mean that it is more expensive to borrow money. The government’s response has created uncertainty in markets, and the concerns associated with the long term implications of pandemic-related economic recovery policy are finally starting to unfold.

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