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All About Search Engine Optimization.

This article is about SEO and discusses what it is, how it works, and why it is beneficial?

Have you ever wondered why websites always show up in an order after a google search? For example, you can search for “iPhone 11” and the first website you see will be Apple’s website, followed by several carriers, major department stores, and review guides. Similarly, if you search for “iPhone 12”, you’ll see Apple again, followed by a similar, but perhaps not exactly the same, list of search results. This is because of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

SEO is the improving a site’s rankings in the organic (non-paid) section of the search results. In other words, we use SEO to propel a website to the top search results in a browser.

How does SEO work?

SEO works by editing a website to enhance the website. Browser’s look for three main qualities: relevancy, authority, and usefulness. Relevancy means a website is closely-related to the search query. Authority means a website is accurate and trustworthy, and this is determined by counting the number of pages that link to the page. Lastly, usefulness is determined by the popularity and user experience quality, which can be achieved by having a neat, organized, and informative website. SEO takes advantage of this knowledge and manages a website to fulfill these three requirements, boosting the website’s rank on a search result’s organic section.

What are different types of SEO?

There are two different types of SEO: White Hat and Black Hat. White Hat SEO is an ethical method of utilizing SEO. It focuses on following search guidelines, focusing on the human audience, and using long-term ethical strategies, providing long term results.. Black Hat SEO is an unethical method of utilizing SEO. It violates search engine guidelines, relies on manipulative tactics, and is mostly short-lived, although it provides quick results. DesignItUpNow uses only White Hat SEO.

Why is SEO important?

Over 60% of all traffic stems from search engines like Google. Enhancing a website’s ranking in a browser translates to increased sales. Especially in these times, online shopping has eclipsed traditional in-person shopping. If a company(small or large) wants to succeed and sell products, it has to utilize SEO for it’s websites to attract a plethora of customers from diverse backgrounds. Over time, this would translate to popularity and expansion.

Why should you choose DesignItUpNow for your SEO?

DesignItUpNow is a is a full service digital design firm located in New Jersey that offers a wide range of web site and print services that include: small business web design, mobile web site design, search engine optimization, WordPress web design, WIX web design, logo design, web site maintenance and much more.

We have designed, developed and launched hundreds of successful web sites for clients all over North Jersey, New Jersey and New York City for many different types of businesses, government contractors, nonprofits and corporations. Moreover, we specialize in White Hat SEO and provide monthly website updates; many of our websites have succeeded. You should choose DesignItUpNow if you want a reliable and successful firm to make you a brilliant website that SELLS.



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