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  • Derek Goodman

5 Ways To Protect Your Business and Your Customers by Securing Your Website

Anyone who has a site on the internet has reason to be wary of cyberattacks. These were the fifth highest risk faced by public and private sectors, according to 2020 statistics reported by Embroker.

Whether it’s something relatively harmless, such as website defacement, or a very real threat, such as stealing personal data, cybercrime can create a lot of problems for site owners. For business owners, this problem is greatly magnified. Cybercrime can effectively close your site for business, expose your customer's data and put your business’s reputation at risk.

Presented by Design It Up Now, these five methods of securing your business website can help you avoid these potentially serious consequences.

Install Security Plugins

Many popular platforms, such as WordPress, come with built-in security plugins that you can activate. Additionally, there are many third-party plugins available. Your web host may also offer programs that you can install from your hosting account dashboard. Many of these are free and have been designed to address the vulnerabilities that exist in the platform you are using.

Hire a Professional

While there are many security steps you can take yourself, hiring a professional website developer or security consultant, such as an experienced cybersecurity freelancer, to review your site, identify any vulnerabilities and suggest additional security measures can provide peace of mind. If you aren't sure who to turn to, talk to other business owners about who they have worked with, check online reviews, and ask questions about pricing, customer support, and turnaround time. You may also want to consider managed hosting solutions.

Of course, becoming an IT pro yourself is another option. If you’re tech savvy in the least, and if you’re the type of leader who values understanding every aspect of your business, taking courses online is just for you. Working toward an IT degree builds on your technical knowledge by in-depth learning in areas including cybersecurity, data management, cloud computing and more. Studying online allows you to earn while you learn -- you study wherever and whenever you wish, around your current work schedule. There are several colleges offering degrees online, so be sure the one you’re interested in is accredited and has good reviews.

Use Secure Passwords

Whether you are selling artisan cheese or planning major events, passwords are one of the first lines of defense for your website security. Because most people have dozens of passwords to remember, it can often be tempting to choose a simple password and use it on all of your accounts. However, this can put your site at risk.

Choose a long password that contains a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters and doesn't contain any easily guessed keywords. Don't use this password anywhere else.

Make sure that everyone who has access to your site is also required to choose a secure password. Your secure login won't help you much if a hacker can gain access to your site through one of your employee's simple logins.

Protect Your Site From Malicious Uploads

If you need to allow customers or other parties to upload files to your site, ThreatPress advises employing protections to prevent malicious uploads. If you don't have to accept uploads, then don't. Create a whitelist that specifies allowed file extensions. Set the maximum file size. Use file type verification. Scan uploads for malware. Rename uploaded files so hackers can't access their files again if they get through. Don't store uploaded files in the webroot.

Lock Down Your File Permissions

Every file and folder stored on your web host's server has a set of permissions that governs who is allowed to write, read or execute it. Use your web host's dashboard file manager to set permissions so that each type of user on your site only has the permissions they need.

Websites are critical to the success of any business and security is critical to the success of any website. These five methods of securing your website will help protect you and your customers from cyber threats.

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