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New Foam Board and Rigid Signs Also Window Clings, Decals, & Perfs

Introducing new products to our line up of printing services. Foam Board and Rigid Signs.

Foam Boards Rigid Signs

Our lightweight foam boards are the economical choice for professional looking prints.
Standard Foam Board

Choose our durable lightweight foam boards for all your interior decorating needs. These sturdy boards carry a long life span and fit perfectly into any indoor setting such as: displays, exhibits, and events. Use them for your business presentations or wall signs. These boards look presentable sitting on an easel, or you can add metal hangers to your order for mounting purposes. You can also use them as signage to promote your company and draw in business. At Designitupnow, we offer both premium and economy boards. You can choose any size image to print right onto a polyester clay coated paper on one or two sides. Give your images an extra boost in color when you print on our foam boards! Upload your own design or have one of our design experts help you create something unique.

Canvas Foam Board

Create a stunning Canvas Foam Board print for a lightweight and economical alternative to traditional gallery wrap canvas’. Canvas Foam Boards are ideal for printing iconic portraits, photographs, and art. The surface gives way to an artistic textured look that is similar to the high-end quality canvas boards you find hanging in galleries. The light weight foam makes them easy to hang and are perfect for displays, trade-shows, or indoor wall art. Meanwhile, the canvas face creates the illusion of an expensive piece of art without stretching your original design. At Designitupnow, you have the freedom to create beautiful one-sided prints on a 3/16” embossed canvas face. They pair well with picture frames, making them easy and efficient for mounting your art or photo on the wall. Embellish your memory onto a Canvas Foam Board today!

Standard Self-Adhesive Foam Board

Mount your artwork, photos, or designs without any complications when you print on self-adhesive foam boards! We’ll print your designs onto polyester clay coated paper, and on the back you’ll find a neutral adhesive. Our adhesive won’t leave any damage on your walls nor will it ripple the front when mounting. This option is great for cold mounting your photos or artwork. It is also perfect for showcasing your company’s logos, posters and any other promo items for optimal signage display at meetings, presentations and/or trade-shows. It’s strong yet cuts easily for clean and crisp edges. No glue, tape, or hangers are needed for these boards, it takes only one easy application. After that, you have the leeway to move or reuse your board over 10 times! Design your self-adhesive foam board today.

Foam Boards Rigid Signs Window Clings, Decals, Perfs

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