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5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Can Spark Success

So recently I was watching an old movie called American Beauty, It reminded me of one of my all time favorite movie quotes from a character in the movie called Buddy Kane, the "KING" of Real Estate. The quote from the movie that I liked goes like this: "In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times"

It got me to start thinking, that is actually quite brilliant advice, especially for a real estate agent. As a client myself looking to purchase a home, I want the image of a successful real estate agent. After all if you’re not willing to invest in your Business… why would a Client invest in you?

Which leads me into my topic of real estate marketing ideas that can spark success.

1) Create in-depth graphs, guides, charts, or maps.

The best real estate marketing plan includes plenty of graphics — but not just any will do. Taking time to hone your Photoshop skills (or building enough capital to hire a professional graphic designer) will allow you to add striking images, charts, graphs, and other visual elements to your blog and social media posts. When that time comes, ensure your graphics explain something of value to your audience, like the best parts of your local market.

2) Develop a series of enthralling Snapchat and Instagram photos or videos.

Who doesn’t love seeing behind-the-scenes footage? It’s compelling to see how the best brands — whether they’re a Fortune 500 firm or a small real estate agency — operate on a day-to-day basis. Realty One Group out of the West Coast exhibits a healthy amount of personality on its social media accounts, including its Instagram account, where the company posts a series of its work for its online TV channel.

3) Capitalize on the popularity of the latest internet memes.

You may think memes are simply another internet distraction — one that keeps you from completing important tasks, like segmenting real estate leads in your customer relationship management (CRM) database or scheduling meetings with prospective clients. On the contrary, though: Memes offer a (dare we say) fun real estate marketing tactic that is just now taking off with agents and can get some laughs from your audience.

4) Order unique business cards that stand out.

Business cards will never go out of style. You’ll always have in-person meetings and meet-ups with buyers, sellers, and other industry professionals, meaning it’s vital to have your information on hand to share with them. But a boring card that lists your business name and contact details in the smallest, plainest font won’t be memorable. Take a risk and order some original business cards few have likely seen before. Take professional photos of yourself and feature yourself on one side of the card. You have to sell your self to the client so make sure you dress for success. For instance, take a look at these fine examples featured.

5) Add some flavor to your real estate video marketing.

Sending an email to your contacts to wish them a happy holiday likely won’t nurture your leads through the sales funnel like blog posts and promotional email messages do. Having said that, getting in the spirit for widely celebrated goings-on locally or nationally can humanize your brand.

Look at what the team at Modern Life Realty and ERA Justin Realty teams accomplished in the following recordings: The former takes a typical video marketing technique and turns it on its head by speaking to the camera with … well … whatever it is the featured gentleman is donning. Meanwhile, the latter hops on the “Call Me Maybe” bandwagon (which has long since been abandoned, but that’s another story) and capitalizes on its 15 minutes of fame.

Aside from being a talent Web / Graphic Designer / Marketing Genius 😉. I also create content for Real Estate companies and other clients. As always time is money so don't hesitate to contact me for all your promotional and marketing needs. Drop me a line 201-747-2191 or shoot me an email Be sure to check out our website and take a look at our portfolio page for our latest work.

Credits: Placester Blog Outside the box Real Estate Marketing by Matthew Bushery

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