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Trend It Up


Trending its a phrase used commonly for something that takes over social media for a short while. Facebook and Twitter even set Trending for the news feeds on whats currently the topics that are trending in a particular day. Trending can even correlate to web design be it trend editors or SEO terms and while doing a little homework on what was trending in the web design world it made me think a little on trends from the past few years. Do you remember the Trends of the past 7 years? Well if you don't, lets take a trip down memory lane.

In 2010 the most viral video trend was from Antoine Dodson "Bed Intruder" This viral video took us by storm with multiple remixes and even a record deal for Mr. Dodson for a iTunes version of the Bed Intruder song!

Then is 2011 it was Planking that took social media by storm. Here is a definition according to


2012 the next Trending Fad which was on of my personal favorite was to do the Harlem Shake! More info on what the Harlem shake here from wikipedia

Next in 2013 Trend was given to us by Miley Cryus and her infamous Tweking with Robin Thicke. Incase you lived in a cave and not sure what Twerking is Wikiitup

That brings us to the summer of 2014 and finally a viral trend with a good purpose to help raise awareness for ALS Ice bucket Challenge which was viral trend to started by Pete Frates, a Boston College student who was diagnosed with ALS in March 2012. Wiki

Here are some of the best fails from the Ice Bucket Challenge lmao

Which brings us to the annoying viral trend of 2015 and is it white or is it gold blue or black? by the way it was blue and Gold!!!

Last year in 2016 a challenge came back but it was the Mannequin Challenge that took social media by storm instantly sending Black Beatles to the top of the charts!

So what will the top trend of 2017 be? I guess we just have to watch out for it, and hopefully its not just political rants and bashing on social media..

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